Newsletters: walking our path in life

Through my writing I share contemplations and wonder about specific topics. My newsletters are intended to share more about my path in this life and the world we share. Reflecting on what has passed, feeling the present and looking ahead. If you like to receive my newsletters directly, you can do so by subscribing in the menu. The intention is to also share these newsletters here and on read them on my SoundCloud.

Newsletter – April 2021

Opening a new chapter for more kindness.

Do we still take time to consider where we came from, where we are now, and where we are heading? Can we see the patterns in our lives, some of which we perhaps need to let go of and others we might do well to nourish to move forward with? Do we have a clear sense of how to really close one chapter and known when and how to start a new one?

In this newsletter I write about opening new chapters in life as I moved from Seattle, in the United States, to Sarah College in the Himalayas in India. You can read the newsletter by clicking here.